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  • Sweep or vacuum.


  • Lightly mop with 1 cup of ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. Vinegar and water also works well. Towel-Dry the floor by placing and old beach towel under your mop. Never flood the floor with water for it may cause the floor to cup or swell.


  • Never use Murphy’s oil, Endust, wax, Mop and Glow, Pine-Sol, or bleach. Modern finished do not require wax or oil and will cause problem when time to re-coat.


  • It is recommended to topcoat your floor about every five years or when excessive wear shows.


  • Place mats at all entrances, in front of the sink, or heavy wear areas. Use easy glides under dining room chairs; never roll refrigerators or pianos across your floor. Remove high heels!


  • Keep an eye on the refrigerator waterline whenever it is hooked up. This is a common problem. Use copper lines only. Maintain door seals and watch your French doors- they often leak if not installed well.


  • If you have pets, children, and/or are hard on your floors, it is recommended to use a moisture-cure urethane finish.


       *Professional hardwood cleaning kits and easy glides are available.

Finish Maintenance

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