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Historical Restorations


We specialize in the restoration of wood floors in historical buildings and restore them to their original beauty.



















A partial list of the floors we have restored:


William “Money” Williams House


Tallahassee Garden Club


Bowen House


Knot House Museum – (circa 1902) (Park Ave.)


Lively House (circa 1912)


Walker-Martin-Lee House – (circa 1896)


Chez Pierre Restaurant 


Ruby Diamond Auditorium


Florida Association of Realtors – (Historic District) (College and Monroe St.)


John Gilmore Riley House and Museum – (circa 885)


Asher-Lewis House


Chesley House - (circa 1885) (Historic District) (401 N Gadsden)


St. Paul’s Methodist at Lake Ella


State of Florida Govenors Mansion


Big Brother and Big Sisters House – (Mahan Dr.)


Ronald McDonald House


Monticello Court House


Bainbridge Court House


St. John’s Episcopal Church – (211 N. Mornoe St.)


Los Robles Woman’s Club


Goodwood Plantation


Historic Old Armory-Senior Center


Tai Chi Society


South Rise


Markhom-Stiles House – (circa 1908)

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