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Our References are most likely your friends and neighbors…


Here’s a partial list of some of the notable projects completed

over the last few years:



(seating 2000 students daily, Bona traffic satin finish.)



(Top coating Gloss moisture-cure urethane.)







*Another company performed a very unsatisfactory job refinishing our wood floors. We tried to get them to correct numerous spots where they had removed the stain when they buffed the floors. They were rude and uncooperative. We then called Tom at Tallahassee Floor Finishing who corrected the problems that had been created by the other company and left us with beautiful floors at a very reasonable price.

-Ken W., Tallahassee


*We hired Tallahassee Floor Finishing to do a repair job in our kitchen in June 2010 after a dishwasher leak. We were so pleased with the professional job they did, we decided to have the old floors in the living room and dining room sanded and refinished. We are very happy at how great the floors turned out. Everything matches seamlessly and we are amazed at how beautiful the house looks.

-Walter and Emily, Tallahassee FL


*I saw the Tallahassee Floor Finishing truck at our neighbor’s house while he was putting wood floors in their bedroom. I had been thinking about taking up the carpet in the living room and installing wood floors, so I went to my neighbor’s house to see how the job turned out. I am so glad I did. I now have a beautiful new wood floor in my living room and could not be happier with the prompt and professional service I received.

-Joan, Betton Hills, Tallahassee FL


*We wanted wood floors installed in the new home we were building and had been referred by friends to Tom at Tallahassee Floor Finishing. We have had problems with some of the other contractors and workers but were very pleased with the work and skill of the Tallahassee Floor Finishing team. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in wood floors.

-Leslie and David, Southwood, Tallahassee FL


*Angel and the sanding crew saved my floors!!!! Plus they were polite and professional.

-Shallow Brook Farms

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